Pics From the Konica Big Mini

I had been looking for a "bargain" kinda 35mm compact point-and-shoot with a good lens. I felt like everything had gone up in price significantly including the Olympus Stylus Epic 35mm fixed lens camera. I had one before, but I loaned it to someone and the jerk lost it or had it stolen or something stupid and they never offered to replace it because that's what friends just do I guess. I wanted something with a good lens, as I mentioned, but not with a high price tag and I ended up looking at the Konica Big Mini.

I found one on eBay for like 80 bucks, so I went with that. I needed something lighter weight because my Nikon 35ti is kind of a brick, so carrying it around at times is kind of annoying, but the payoff from photos from that thing makes it well worth it. Anyway, enough about the 35ti, and back to the Big Mini - I love that name for it as I feel its performance is very big for such a mini package. It's lightweight and a total joy to use. I love pairing it with Agfa Vista 200/400 or other cheaper type films. The results are always so on point and I get a high percentage of satisfactory photos per roll, which means a lot to me as I love to stockpile photos. 

Take a look at some of my fave pics from the Konica Big Mini below and at the time of writing this, I've noticed they've gone up significantly in price, so that's a bummer because I wanted to get another eventually. Womp.