Camera Pickup: Mamiya C330

I was housesitting in Las Vegas, Nevada for a couple of weeks recently, and while out there, I got the itch to grab a new (used) camera and so I did. I got the Mamiya C330 from this commercial photographer who sells a lot of gear and gee whiz I am thankful I grabbed it. I've only had a couple of rolls processed from it so far, but from what I've seen, I am going to have a ton of fun with this tank. 

A friend from Instagram - who is also a very talented photographer - Mikayla Whitmore (@mikaylawhitemore) who resides in Las Vegas took me to Pahrump to shoot some pics and so I was able to take the new cam out on a fun adventure. I lived in Las Vegas for 3 years and I never once had gone to the town of Pahrump and so it was nice to get out and check it. We didn't have long, but I was able to get some shots with the Mamiya that I really enjoyed. I also shot some photos on the way home out in Baker and Barstow, CA. 

Check out some shots below and stay tuned for a lot more photos from the Mamiya C330.