I Picked Up an Olympus Stylus Epic (MJU II)

I used to have an Olympus Stylus Epic MJU II a while back and I had mailed it to a former friend in NYC to borrow it and apparently upon them receiving it at their office, their co-worker lost it almost immediately. That story never sat right with me as it sounded so air headed and dumb and of course this former friend did not offer to replace it, so I was left hanging without my little gem of a camera. 

I found one recently at what I guess is a fair price given today's market price for the camera, so I said why not and went for it. It's so compact and it packs a punch, and these are things I had forgotten about the camera because it had been so long since I had my original one. I'm really glad I picked it up as something to carry around always. I've had a chance to run a couple of rolls through it - including a roll of Kodak Gold which I really, really love with this camera. I never opt for that film, but I picked it up on a whim and I think it might be my go to with the MJU II.