Lake Tahoe for Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight

 All my life living in Cali and for as many adventures I've gone on throughout the state, I had never been to Lake Tahoe before. Friends of mine have been coming up for years, but I had never gone. The big Mayweather vs. McGregor fight was coming up, and my boxing pal, Big Merle, and some of his siblings who I grew up with were going up for the weekend and they had an extra room and so I couldn't pass up the chance to cruise along. We posse'd up and made the like 8-hour drive from South Orange County all the way up to Tahoe. Merle rented this super sick minivan and since it was just me and his girl on the road up, I pretty much had the whole back section to myself for maximum relaxation on the trip. 

Tahoe was a great time. I definitely look forward to going back. I love chill vibe of the area and the scenery up there is downright spectacular. Given we were there for only like 3 days, I'm sure I didn't even scratch the surface as far as exploring and all that goes. 

I took some pics with the Nikon 35ti and Fuji GA645, so I wanted to share a few from the trip.