Maxx for RCNSTRCT Studio

Last year I had a cool photoshoot with this amazing personal trainer named Liz Holtz (@lizholtz). We kept in touch through IG and I always enjoy her stories on there as she shares work she does with the girls she trains. It's really innovative stuff so I always check out her posts, which I recommend you do, too.

Amongst her trainees is Maxx (@sheismaxx). I always thought Maxx had such a cool look, so I hit her up about shooting and she was with it. We got a chance to link up last week and killed some looks for my friend's vintage store RCNSTRCT Studio. We shot a handful of looks in the immediate area of the shop and it was such a great shoot in a sense that the photos were killer, and we got a lot done in a short time span - efficiency *insert sunglass wearing emoji*.

Check out the pics below and be sure to give the girls a follow on the IG.