Mission Viejo, USA - A Look at My General Zone

Mission Viejo in Orange County, CA is a pretty rad place - maybe not so much as a restless and bored teen, but as an adult it's legit and even more so if you like to photograph small town kinda zones. When I say its my hometown, nobody ever knows where it is so I always mention is close proximity to Laguna Beach, then people kinda know the general area largely in part to the hit MTV show 'Laguna Beach.' It was also mentioned in HBO's 'The Sopranos' which made me almost jump and hit the roof in excitement at the mere mention on one of the all-time GOAT shows. Meadow's dude, Finn, and his family reside in big bad MV aka Mission Potato, so hearing it name dropped was so cool and seemingly so random. 

Cool spots to photograph are so spread out here, but in my immediate 3-mile radius there's some dope stuff. My neighborhood is picturesque, and then there's stuff like some cool auto body shops that always have great cars parked on the street, nice landscaping, and most importantly, Sizzler USA headquarters is right here. Sizzler's R&D office is also nearby, which is funny because I can only imagine that they research and develop shrimp - a menacing and funny notion to me. 

Very recently, I spent hours wandering around from afternoon to night on one of those days I had maximum anxiety. A lot of times, my mind gets the better of me and things just kinda snowball so rapidly. My brain gets into a frenzy and instinctively, I'll pop on one of my random podcasts and grab a camera and do my thing. It helps tremendously and this day yielded especially pleasing results. We had some minor rainy weather in the area and when it went away, the skies looked so super nice and boring scenes turned into extraordinary ones - well at least extraordinary in my opinion. 

Have a look for yourself.