Neat Friends: Carole(theartist) Méthot

This is my friend Carole. Carole and I were/are mutuals on IG and while she was living in Vancouver, she was visiting Los Angeles earlier this year and I happened to see her walking past my pal's shop while I was inside. I pretty much have a photographic memory and upon first glance as she passed by, I thought to myself "that's @caroletheartist from IG." We had never spoken prior so I didn't want to run out and startle her, plus, my voice doesn't project so there was no point in yelling out to her, so I did the only thing I could think of and I hit the DM. 

She hit me back later on that day and confirmed that was her and we chuckled in the form of some "hahaha's" typed out in IG DMs. We made a plan to link up the next day and lurk around LA. I love showing people around, so we linked up and did a mini-tour of Downtown. We chilled in the area and shot a lot of sick pics. We talked about various things including her fantastic makeup work. Prior to knowing her, I really enjoyed what I had seen from her on her IG. As a person who shoots photos for work at times, I have worked with some very talented makeup artists, and it's cool to see them in action as it's all very fascinating to me as it is such a crucial component to the end product. Her work really stood out to me as you can clearly see from her examples below. 

She does a lot of dope stuff on men and women and she told me she specializes in "messy" makeup, which I love. I get what she's saying when she refers to it as that, and in the end it ends up looking beautiful in a very unique way. She also likes random horror movies -- I know this is out of nowhere for me to say but had to mention as I think it's great she's into the genre -- and she put me on to some cool ones like 'Black Christmas' and I've shared with her some of my fave ones. 

Check out her work here and here. And check below for pics from our hangout in DTLA as well as a selection of work from Carole. 

Makeup by Carole and Photo by Veronica Formos

Makeup by Carole and Photo by Veronica Formos. 

Makeup and photo by Carole. 

Makeup by Carole and Photo by Laura Baldwinson. 

Makeup by Carole and Photo by Briggs Ogloff.