Palm Springs - Summer 2017 - Part 1

I spent a lot of time in the desert this past summer from Las Vegas to Phoenix, but my time was dominated by weekend - and some weekday - trips to Palm Springs. I get bored and restless after a while when I'm in the same area for too long, but thankfully PS is only about a 2-hour drive from where I reside. I love accessibility - one of my fave things about SoCal living - because I legit love getting up and going at any given moment.

I pretty much hung out by myself the whole summer like the loner that I am, but it's not so bad especially when your jam is taking photos. I took a lot of pics out in Palm Springs this summer to a point where I came to the realization that I have enough for some blog posts here. I think my plan is to stockpile some more and maybe even make a zine dedicated to the area.

Anyway, enjoy part 1 of the pics.