Product Feature: CEG Outline Logo Hoodie w/ Emily

I recently got a chance to reconnect with someone I had met in Chicago, IL, USA while I was out there for work a few years ago. Her name is Emily Wiss and she's super dope. We got to hang out in Chicago for a bit when I did the "Under the Radar" photo exhibit and I got help from the fine squad at one of the most legit shops around - St. Alfred. Emily was part of the team there, so we met while working on the show. She recently relocated to LA and so we got the chance to chill and shoot photos and have a ton of fun/hilarious conversations. 

I gave her one of my hoodies and she hooked me up with one of her zines, which is incredibly tight. When she makes another run of them, I will be carrying them on the online shop. Also, we are doing an interview talking about her art work and stuff and it will feature some of the photos we shot around LA, so keep an eye out for that in the near future. In the meantime, check these snaps out and stay tuned for more. 

Hoodie available here