The Close Enough Gallery is an online retailer that's heavy on the photo tip. It is owned and operated by me -- Nick Joseph -- the creator and co-curator of the 'Under the Radar' photo exhibit. Over the years of putting on exhibits, I have had the great pleasure of working with immense talents the likes of Ray Barbee, Robbie Jeffers, Rip Zinger, Grace Ahlbom, Ben Colen, Taro Hirano, Curtis Buchanan, Minami Haynes, Nic Fensom, and many more. It was through these exhibits that I decided to create something that serves as an extension of my affinity for photography.  

I created The Close Enough Gallery as an outlet to do more with photography. In addition to exhibits, CEG offers prints from photographers I've worked with, along with photographers I am truly a fan of. CEG also offers select publications (mags/zines), apparel, and other random items. 

The Close Enough Gallery also proudly publishes zines, and will continue to do so on -- hopefully -- a quarterly basis. 

 Any questions please feel free to contact